Hospital Lift

Hospital Lifts are designed considering the specific needs of the hospitals and Patients and those need care. For this, it is necessary that it functions with absolute precision. Our Hospital Lifts are designed for people to easily enter and exit, and reach their destination quickly and comfortably. We offer Hospital Elevators in various sizes with 13, 15 and 26 passengers Capacity. A 26 Passengers stretcher lift can accommodate an OT bed, attendees along with the equipment.


Yes.They are absolutely safe. We care for our customer’s safety. Our experts conduct every inspection of lift to provide optimum safety to people.


Available Options ?

We take care of every need of Hospital & Patients in our hospital lift. Our Hospital lift includes different options.

  • We provide the different passenger capacity options like 10 passengers to 15 passengers.
  • We also have option of a 13 Passengers stretcher lift can accommodate an OT bed, attendees along with equipment.

Electricity goes out?

Auto Rescue Device brings the Passengers to the nearest landing in case of power failure, this makes sure that no passenger is stuck in the lift in the event of power failure. ARD is a standard feature in this Series of Elevator.
Design #1

Speed ?

The Hospital lift works with the MRL & Traction mechanisms. Traction mechanism includes machine room. Speed range of Hospital lift is 0.5m/sec to 1.5 m/sec.


Comfortable ?

Speed Elevator is using Active Roller Technology that reduces Vibration By approximately 60% which provides maximum Comfort to Patient.


Smooth Movement without Jerk & Shock?

Hospital Bed Elevators are planned, designed and manufactured, bearing passengers’ security and convenience first in mind. The elegant designs and various features that these elevators show off are the key to enhancing the dignity of hospital facilities in addition to providing the amenities that hospital pursues and gives smooth movement without Jerk & Shocks.


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Technology We Are Using In Hospital Lifts

Electric Machines

Product Name:Torin Drive Gearless Machin GTW9S
BrandTorin Drive
SpecificationSheave 325mm-400mm
Original P/N Made in China
Product Name:Gearless Machin MCK, MCG series
BrandMona Drive
ModelMCG Series, MCK Series, Mona series
ModelElevator Traction Machine
Speed 0.5-2.0m/s
Power                 380V/220V,50HZ/60HZ

product: Monarch NICE3000new

Manufacturered by: Suzhou MONARCH Control Technology Co., Ltd.,


ARD stands for Automatic Rescue Device, is an advanced rescue system used for rescuing passengers trapped in an elevator in case power failure.

Brand: Monarch
Model: Nice D A S0P4

  • Input: 1PH AC 220-230V 5.4A 50/60Hz
  • Output: 3PH 0-230V 2.3A 0-99Hz
  • Power Rating: 400W

ELEVATOR BUTTONS & OPERATING PANELS. Depending on the model you choose, or according to the cabin selection, the button models change.

Elevator Maintenance Box: imported

Elevator Limit Switch10amp 230vac, Thermoplastic/plastic

Mechanical Parts


Fused Bronze elevator doors with a Satin finish & elevator transoms with a Mirror finish and Silkworm eco-etch pattern are perfection.


Glass Door Glasses flush with the surface of the frames, pre-arranged for stratified glass


Stainless Steel Elevator Door Skins make it easy to carry a cohesive design

Elevator guide rail is an elevator component consisting of steel rail and connecting plate

The Elevator Speed Governor is a device specifically designed to stop the lift if it runs beyond the prescribed speed.


Our elevators have a series of Emergency brakes and cables that keep them from falling. They can plunge, but it’s very rare.

Our Rope attachment meets standard DIN15315 and DIN43148.
There are several types of our rope attachment,as self-lock(wedge-block type) ones,

Our elevator rope wire is made from bright phosphated and redrawn galvanized wires. They are designed for use in traction- and deflection sheaves.


Product Type


: Automotive Pulley