Speed Elevator  supply, install and maintain escalators. It applies the novel materials and the advanced technology to design and manufacture the goods. It combines with the design style of the Germany romantic sentiment to ensure the high quality of the products and the elegant coziness. It is applicable for the occasions with large flow of passengers such as the shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc. It adds a bright and beautiful flowing scenery for your constructions.


1.Lack of phase, error phase protection:

If lack of phase (moving-walk) will or error phase has been checked out, the escalator automatically stop the operation.

2.MOtor over-IOaU protection:

When the current exceeds 15% of the current rating, the escalator will automatically slop the operation.

3.Electrical appliance loop protection:

It offers the automatic circuit disconnecting device to protect the circuit and mains components of the escalator (moving-walk).

4.Handrail inlet protection:

When some foreign substance has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the  escalator (moving-walk) will automatically slop the operation.

5.Comb plate safety device:

When some foreign substance has been clipped in or between the combs.the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

6.Step sagging protection device:

When there is abnormal step bending, the escalator (moving-walk) will stop the operation before the step entering into the comb plate.

7.Broken Drive-chain safety Device:

When the drive-chain has been over-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (moving-walk) will automatically stop the operation.

8.Broken step chain protection:

When the step (plate) chain has been over-stretched or it is broken, the escalator (moving walk) will automatically slop the operation.

9.OVer-speed protection:

When  there  is over-speed to the escalator (moving  walk),it will automatically stop the operation.

10.Direction reversal protection:

When it comes the unintentional reve  rsal of the direction of travel, the escalator (moving walk) will automatically stop the operation.

11.Security line:

The yellow synthetic resin security line is located in the front position and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-between the edge of the adjacent step and the ti什group lengthened skirt panel.  The security line on both sides of the step is higher than the tread surface.   (The  moving-walk  offers the  selective  yellow spray-palmed security line.)

12. Emergency stop button:

When the button is pressed, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

13. Apron board protection:

When the foreign object is caught between the apron board and the steps, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

14. Brake protection:

When the power is insufficient or any safety device is activated, the brake device will activate the brake function by the spring force to stop the escalator (automatic walkway).

15. Inspection safety switch:

A safety device that prevents the escalator from starting during maintenance.

16. Step lighting:

The upper and lower ends of the escalator are equipped with illumination to remind the passengers to pay attention to safety.

17. Start the alarm device:

The alarm sounds when the escalator starts to remind passengers to be safe.

18. Handrail belt break protection device:

When the handrail breaks, the escalator will stop running.

19. Handrail speed monitoring:

If the handrail speed is slower than the step by a certain white ratio, the escalator (automatic walkway) will automatically stop running.

20. Apron brush:

Optional safety device. A brush is placed between the apron board and the steps so that the passenger’s shoes do not touch the apron board (not just the escalator).

21. Dual independent control system:

Make the escalator run more stable and safer.

22. Step missing detection device:

A safety device that protects passengers.

23. Pedal open switch:

When the pedal is opened and the maintenance work is carried out in the escalator, the escalator stops and is in a safe state.

24. Braking distance detection:

If the stopping distance exceeds 1.2 times the international regulations, the escalator and moving walkway can be restarted after the fault lock is reset. If necessary, check the brake system before manual reset and take corrective action.

25. Brake release detection:

Increasing the brake detection switch prevents the motor from running when the brake is not opened, so as not to burn the main unit or cause a fire.

26. Emergency braking device (optional safety device):

Drive chain breakage or brake failure prevents the escalator from sliding down to ensure personnel safety (must be equipped when H<6M)

27. Fire shutter door device (optional):

When the device is activated, the escalator (automatic walkway) can be stopped and the device is located near the escalator (moving sidewalk).

28. Drainage of the lower machine room (optional ):

When the water in the lower machine room exceeds the standard, the automatic drainage system operates (outdoor type).

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Technology We Are Using In Hospital Lifts

Electric Machines

Product Name:Torin Drive Gearless Machin GTW9S
BrandTorin Drive
SpecificationSheave 325mm-400mm
Original P/N Made in China
Product Name:Gearless Machin MCK, MCG series
BrandMona Drive
ModelMCG Series, MCK Series, Mona series
ModelElevator Traction Machine
Speed 0.5-2.0m/s
Power                 380V/220V,50HZ/60HZ

product: Monarch NICE3000new

Manufacturered by: Suzhou MONARCH Control Technology Co., Ltd.,


ARD stands for Automatic Rescue Device, is an advanced rescue system used for rescuing passengers trapped in an elevator in case power failure.

Brand: Monarch
Model: Nice D A S0P4

  • Input: 1PH AC 220-230V 5.4A 50/60Hz
  • Output: 3PH 0-230V 2.3A 0-99Hz
  • Power Rating: 400W

ELEVATOR BUTTONS & OPERATING PANELS. Depending on the model you choose, or according to the cabin selection, the button models change.

Elevator Maintenance Box: imported

Elevator Limit Switch10amp 230vac, Thermoplastic/plastic

Mechanical Parts


Fused Bronze elevator doors with a Satin finish & elevator transoms with a Mirror finish and Silkworm eco-etch pattern are perfection.


Glass Door Glasses flush with the surface of the frames, pre-arranged for stratified glass


Stainless Steel Elevator Door Skins make it easy to carry a cohesive design

Elevator guide rail is an elevator component consisting of steel rail and connecting plate

The Elevator Speed Governor is a device specifically designed to stop the lift if it runs beyond the prescribed speed.


Our elevators have a series of Emergency brakes and cables that keep them from falling. They can plunge, but it’s very rare.

Our Rope attachment meets standard DIN15315 and DIN43148.
There are several types of our rope attachment,as self-lock(wedge-block type) ones,

Our elevator rope wire is made from bright phosphated and redrawn galvanized wires. They are designed for use in traction- and deflection sheaves.


Product Type


: Automotive Pulley


Our passenger elevators are a simple yet effective vertical transportation solution for your Tower, Plaza, Outlet or Franchise. Passenger elevators are designed to meet mobility needs of public buildings. Passenger lifts make life easier when stairs become more challenging in high rise buildings and it is an excellent alternative to stairs. Passenger lift can also carry heavy objects upto a specified weighting capacity. Our passenger elevators are equipped with all the latest device and functions that includes light curtain, fast speed, smooth movement, spring buffers, cabin emergency stoppers, overload switch. Whats more! Now the ARD (Auto Rescue Device) is also available as optional item which evacuates the passengers in lift to nearest floor in case of power failure. Passenger elevators are built to perform in extreme, intense working conditions. What makes them strong enough to stand up to the harshest of environments? The thickness of walls and the bracing of our frames support so the frame and car do not twist over time. Falcon Elevators deliver all this with comfort and style